5 ways to make your bathroom your sanctuary

5 ways to make your bathroom your sanctuary

Everyone needs peace and quiet now and again, and sometimes it feels as if the only time we get to ourselves is in the bathroom. So how can you make the most of this precious breathing space? For truly chill vibes your bathroom needs to be a soothing retreat – here are five ways to make it happen (including our favourite – glass splashbacks for bathrooms!)


glass splashbacks for bathrooms cream glass1. Choose pale neutrals or deep jewel shades for your bathroom design

Whites, creams, greys and taupes are instantly calming and can be combined together to create a restful look. White bathroom suites still dominate, but grey and taupe are increasingly popular for walls, flooring, joinery and glass splashbacks for bathrooms. If you feel your room lacks interest, layer on the textures instead – soft bathmats and towels, woven storage baskets, and plants and flowers will add just enough detail. Alternatively, rich tones of plum, indigo, forest green or peacock blue provide eye catching style while still retaining a soothing, cosy feel.

2. Ditch the grout

Nothing will ruin the mood more quickly than a view of mouldy grey grout as you lie back in the bath or luxuriate under a hot shower. And however pretty your tiles look when you first install them, there’s no keeping limescale and dirt at bay. They stick to the uneven surface of grout like glue and, while strong cleaning agents might help to clean things up, the powerful chemicals they contain will ultimately lead to deterioration and decay.

Glass wall coverings, which fit onto the walls of your shower enclosure or around your bath and sink, offer the ideal solution. Effectively working as glass splashbacks for bathrooms, they are waterproof, wipe-clean and easy to buff and dry to a glossy shine. Dirt and limescale can simply be wiped away using a microfibre cloth and, occasionally, some basic household cleaning spray. We know what we’d rather look at during a nice relaxing soak!


glass splashbacks for bathrooms aqua glass3. Remove clutter

We know those 3 for 2 offers are hard to resist – but it’s all too easy to end up with multiple tubes of toothpaste and endless pots of skin cream covering every inch of your space. Paring down to a handful of products to use on a daily or weekly basis will make your routine easier, your skin less confused, your surfaces clearer and your mind calmer. Stash spares and extras away in cupboards or drawers – in another room if necessary.

4. Add plants

Houseplants are well and truly back! As our interiors become less cluttered, plants offer a great way to add a bit of life and colour into a space without spoiling the tranquil mood. Organic elements – such as plants, flowers, pieces of driftwood, shells, or seagrass baskets – provide a natural decorative layer that lifts a space without making it feel busy or messy. And plants love the warm, humid atmosphere of bathrooms, meaning they’ll thrive with minimal maintenance required.


glass splashbacks for bathrooms waterfall photo5. Streamline your splashbacks

Despite our best design intentions, it’s not unusual for bathrooms to end up looking busy and visually cluttered. They are generally among our smallest rooms, and using too many different materials, patterns and contrasting proportions can quickly overwhelm the space. For instance, choosing one kind of tiling for your floor, another kind of pattern on your walls, something else inside your shower enclosure, a fourth option around your bath – not to mention print and colour from blinds, towels, storage units and mats – can result in a room that feels the very opposite of calm and soothing.

However, glass panels, including shower walls, glass splashbacks for bathrooms around your sink and bath, and even wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling coverings, can be used throughout the space to create a consistent design – and because our glass is toughened it can even be used behind shelving, racks, radiators, fixtures and fittings. All our panels are made to measure, and will form a continuous streamlined surface along your wall, however awkward its shape. Alternatively, using plain white materials combined with one dramatic feature wall provides a single focal point that allows the eye to rest in one place.