9 tips and tricks for keeping a clean kitchen

9 tips and tricks for keeping a clean kitchen

A dirty kitchen is a heart-sinking sight, but daily food prep, not to mention paperwork, laundry, pets, and general detritus, take their toll on this hardworking room. However, although the kitchen might seem to get mucky very quickly it’s actually the easiest room to keep clean – it has wipe-clean surfaces, lots of storage, and cleaning supplies to hand. Read on for our clean kitchen tips…

Add extra shelves to cupboards

The single biggest change you can make to keep your kitchen tidy – and therefore easier to clean –  is to clear the surfaces of as much stuff as possible. The coffee maker, toaster, kettle and utensil pot can stay, but there’s very little else that can’t be put in a cupboard or drawer. And if your cupboards are full? Check and see if there’s extra space above the shelves that isn’t getting used – if so, add more shelves! They don’t need to look pretty or match what’s already there as they’ll be behind closed doors – a piece of plywood will do. Group your tallest items together at the bottom, then work upwards, calculating how much space you need before another shelf can go in. It’s amazing how much unused capacity you’ll find.

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Do a little every day – and leave it clean at night

If possible, clear up after breakfast and lunch rather than leaving it all until later – one meal’s worth doesn’t take long to clear up whereas a day’s worth can seem like a massive task. Wash up and try to deal with the worst of the mess on the table or worktop – put food items away and clear up spills – but it doesn’t have to be pristine at this point. After your evening meal is the time to have a really good wipe down of your surfaces, clear out the sink and have a bit of a tidy up. That way, you start the next day with a clean kitchen.

Choose a splashback that’s easy to clean

Don’t make life hard for yourself! A glass panel is the easiest type of splashback to clean as, most of the time, it can be wiped and buffed with a damp microfibre cloth in a matter of minutes. Spills and splatters might need to be removed with some all-purpose spray but, beyond that, there’s nothing more to do.

Have a junk drawer

Everyone needs one drawer of shame for those little bits and pieces that you’re not sure what to do with or can’t be bothered to deal with. Rubber bands, mystery keys and scraps of paper can all be thrown in to save you time faffing about with them. Have a clear out when the drawer no longer closes!

Add multitasking to the mix

If you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, the toast to pop or the microwave to ping, use the time to clear the worktop, wipe down the table or throw out some paperwork – anything to keep contribute to a clean kitchen that will make your life easier down the line.

Add surfaces that reflect the light

No one’s going to notice your dusty shelves if they’re too busy staring at your shiny surfaces. Reflective materials such as chrome, mirror or glass catch the eye, make the room appear brighter, and give the immediate impression of a pristine kitchen. Our glass and mirror panels and splashbacks are made to measure and fitted with such precision that there’s literally nowhere for dirt to hide or build up – they’ll look polished and glossy for years.

Set yourself up for success

Organise your cleaning supplies so you’re always good to go. You don’t need much (a sponge or brush for washing-up, cleaning rags, microfibre cloths, a scrubbing brush, washing-up liquid and all-purpose cleaner are the only real necessities), but make sure you’re well stocked up and everything is to hand. Use plastic storage baskets under the sink for corralling items together, use a peg to clip washing-up gloves to the edge of one of these baskets so they’re always dry (and out of sight!), and throw cloths into the washing machine and sponges/brushes into the dishwasher so they’re always clean and hygienic.

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Have a place for paper

Somehow the kitchen ends up being the repository for random bits of paper – bills, coupons, reminders, receipts, etc. Recycle junk mail straightaway and put anything that needs to be dealt with quickly in a place where you’re likely to see it, eg, by your computer. Everything else can be shoved away until you’ve got time to look at it properly – but make sure there’s somewhere for it to go. It could be a folder you keep on a shelf, a tub or a tray – but keep it all together and deal with it once a week. That way, it’s less likely to stress you out and you’re less likely to lose crucial bits of info.

Polish appliances with a microfibre cloth

This is an easy trick that makes a huge difference for a clean kitchen. Once a day, perhaps after your main tidying up session, go around the kitchen with a slightly damp microfibre cloth and wipe down your appliances – from the dishwasher to the kettle. This stops dirt and limescale from building up and gives everything a shine – and it literally takes a minute!

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