How to add character to a generic space

How to add character to a generic space

You’ve moved into a new property and the kitchen and bathroom are fine but kind of… boring. Designwise they might be neutral and inoffensive but they don’t feel much like home, let alone your home. Happily, there are many ways to make your mark on a space without resorting to a full-scale renovation. If you’re keen to some add character to the more functional rooms in your house, read on for our top 6 tips, from clever lighting to glass splashbacks with pictures.

Shelf and surface styling

If you’ve got the space available, try to keep your clutter and utilitarian items stored away in cupboards and drawers, leaving surfaces clear for small appliances and decorative accessories. In the kitchen, fruit bowls, rustic chopping boards, vintage jars and painted plates all add colour and shape, while tidy rows of spices, herbs and oils are both pretty and useful. If there’s no open shelving in place, consider adding some to an empty corner and line up a collection of glassware, bowls and cake stands to create some visual interest.

In bathrooms, a few luxurious bathing products with pretty labels, plus scented candles, bottles of perfume, bowls and baskets can soften a plain and clinical space – but consider sticking to a consistent colour palette to keep it calm. To make the room feel more personal, add a few items collected from holidays or memorable days out, such as shells, pebbles, driftwood or ceramics.

Printed splashbacks

If you prefer a more minimalist look and like to keep your surfaces clear, glass splashbacks with pictures offers a wealth of options for personalising your space. Any hi-res image, from a personal photograph to a favourite view, piece of artwork or scene from nature, can be reproduced on a made-to-measure panel of glass. This is a great way to add something truly meaningful that makes you happy every time you look at it! It’s also very practical as glass is easy to clean and looks as good as new for years.

If you’d rather add character with colour or pattern, instead of using glass splashbacks with pictures, we have a range of abstract prints to choose from. We can even reproduce tessellated patterns onto glass to give the impression of a tiled space without the hassle of grout or tile cutting.


It’s incredible what a difference lighting can make to a space. Low-hanging pendant lights are super-trendy for kitchens at the moment, particularly over islands. There are tonnes of options available, from minimalist glass lanterns to industrial matt metal shades to rose-gold and copper orbs that add colour and shine. A real focal point, they give instant character to even the plainest room.

Splashbacks with a fancy finish

Is understated elegance more your style? You could try swapping boring tiles or a plain painted wall for a splashback with an unusual finish. A glass panel with subtle shimmer or a vintage mirrored surface would lift your space to a new level of design fabulousness, without overwhelming the room or grabbing all the attention.

We offer Metallic glass which has a soft non-reflective shine, Mirror glass with a radiant lustre, Cobweb glass with metallic threads on a neutral background, and Antiqued Mirrored glass which provides a vintage look that’s both cosy and sophisticated.

Using printed glass to create the effect of another material  – essentially glass splashbacks with pictures of wallpaper, brick, stone or tiling – is another clever way to bring in some interest without creating any practical issues.

Wall art

There are few things as personal as artwork you’ve collected over the years, and it’s such an easy route to making a space feel like your own. Whether it’s paintings by a favourite artist, family photographs, kids’ drawings, or posters from films or exhibitions you’ve seen, artwork tells your story and reflects your memories. Don’t reserve it for the living room or hallway – pictures in the bathroom or kitchen, such as glass splashbacks with pictures, give character to areas that can otherwise look bland and functional.

Freestanding furniture

Even newly decorated kitchens and bathrooms need tables, chairs, bar stools or freestanding storage units, and this could be your chance to add character to a pre-designed space. It’s tempting to choose safe items that will fit in with what’s already there, and obviously you want the room to look coordinated, but have faith and buy something you really love. Mixing interior styles can elevate your space from generic to stylish and inviting.