Bathroom pictures and other ideas for a cosy bathing space

Bathroom pictures and other ideas for a cosy bathing space

We all want our bathrooms to be hygienic and easy to clean, but there’s a danger they could end up looking cold and clinical if we take things too far. A sparse white room with no texture or personality will not feel welcoming on a cold winter’s morning! But while soft furnishings and intricately decorated fixtures and fittings might not be the best idea, there are plenty of ways to visually warm up your space while keeping things streamlined and easy to wipe down. For instance, bathroom pictures, cocooning colours and the right lighting can all help. Here are our tips for creating a cosy characterful space for your daily soak…

Elephants Trunk Glass Splashback shaped around a mirror, behind a sink.

Mix traditional and modern

Futuristic bathrooms can look great when they’re done well, but it’s quite a hard look to pull off unless you have a huge budget and a large space to work with. Expensive modern suites, sculptural hardware and pricey materials would look amazing in the right context, but in the average family home or city flat – on an average budget – an ultra-modern bathroom can look a little stark and joyless. Mixing in some traditional elements creates an informal vibe that feels more relaxed and less austere. Try traditional cabinets, framed bathroom pictures, Victorian style taps – or really go for it with an old-fashioned claw-foot bathtub.

aqua coloured glass splashback behind a sink

Ambient lighting

Nothing changes the mood of a room more quickly than altering the lighting. While it’s useful to have the option of bright overhead spotlights, it’s also important to be able to dim things down. Candlelit baths work well, but you could also consider lighting options that have a variety of settings, from bright to ambient. Ceiling lights, wall lights and mirror lights are available with this facility, and it’s also possible to retrofit dimmer switches onto some existing light fixtures.

Cocoon yourself in colour

We often associate bathrooms with shades of blue and green – and while these look great, it’s also worth considering deeper colours that produce the feeling of being enveloped in warmth. Glass panels create this sensation particularly well due to their glossy finish, as this reflects rather than absorbs light, sending it back into the room to add to the all-round cosy ambience. We love this shower recess, which has been clad in our “Cherry” glass – shades of dark purple (top) and sunny yellow also work well.

oyster coloured glass shower panels

Warm neutrals

If you’d rather stick to a neutral colour palette, think about using warm neutrals such as cream, ivory or taupe, especially if your bathroom suite is white. Off-whites that lean more yellow, such as “Cream” and “Ivory Satin”, and greys that lean more brown, such as “Oyster” or “Stone”, will feel softer and cosier than stark white or neutrals with blue undertones. This shower nook, lined with our Oyster glass, feels particularly snug due to the extra panelling on the sloping ceiling. This not only creates a cosier vibe but is also very practical, as the glass protects the ceiling from steam and water damage.

forest printed glass shower panels

Surround yourself with nature

For a bathroom that’s truly a world away from a clinical white space, digitally printed glass panels, used as shower walls, splashbacks or wall coverings, certainly fit the bill. Although they may look highly original and unusual, these glass bathroom pictures have a smooth wipe-clean surface and perfectly aligned dimensions that makes them practical and durable. And because any high-resolution image can be printed onto glass, you can let your imagination go wild – surround yourself with trees, tropical flowers, a palm-fringed beach, or simply a pattern or design you love.

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