Easy kitchen updates: small changes that make a big difference

Easy kitchen updates: small changes that make a big difference

When spring is in the air our thoughts often turn to refreshing our interiors – but time and money don’t always allow for a major overhaul. Yet we only need to make small changes to pep up our homes and create that invigorating feeling of fresh starts and new beginnings. A weekend spent decluttering, fresh flowers on the window sill or a lick of paint can all work wonders. Or, if you have a little more budget available, you can make small but significant changes that transform a room in an instant (well, almost!). The kitchen is one space in which it’s relatively easy to swap out one element for another, such as changing the worktop or flooring. Here are some more easy kitchen updates…

Bring in some colour

Glass splashback in Lime Green

A new colour will instantly change the mood of your kitchen and offers a fabulous way to brighten up the space. Furthermore, a bright or unusual shade will give it plenty of personality – but without going too wacky! Glass splashbacks offer an easy and practical way to introduce colour to a room, and our colour-mixing service allows you to choose literally any shade imaginable – we can even match it to a favourite possession, paint shade or other kitchen element.

Swap out your hardware

Coloured glass splashback tangerine colour kitchen
Tangerine glass splashback

For simple but effective easy kitchen updates, try swapping your handles, taps and knobs for new designs that bring your kitchen up to date. These textured squares (above) are smart, modern and unusual, so they also double up as a contemporary design feature that will help give your kitchen a unique edge.

Install new splashbacks

Bespoke colour-matched turquoise splashback

Your kitchen splashback or wall covering generally takes up a lot of space and, at eye level, it’s a very visible part of the room. So changing tired tiles or a less than inspiring panel for something new will make a huge difference. Our glass splashbacks are made to measure and can be shipped to you within 7 to 10 days. Once delivered they can be instantly installed to give a brand new look to your space.

Change the cabinet doors

Coloured glass splashback bespoke colour match tuscan olive kitchen
Colour-matched glass splashbacks in olive

Most kitchen units are a standard size, which means you can change the doors without changing anything else in the room. These easy kitchen updates create a huge impact but are relatively simple to do. It’s not always necessary to change other aspects of your cabinetry to match – kitchen design rules are far more relaxed than they used to be so you could have contrasting drawers or moulding, for instance, and still create a stylish space.

Add some artwork

Bespoke printed glass splashback

We don’t always think of putting up pictures in the kitchen, but it’s a great way to personalise your space and bring in some colour. Larger rooms can accommodate framed prints and paintings for super easy kitchen updates, but you’d probably want to avoid these in smaller rooms where they might be affected by steam or heat from the cooking area. A practical solution is to have a photo or some artwork printed onto a glass panel – this allows you to choose from a huge range of images and is a heat, stain and waterproof choice, ideal for smaller rooms.

Sprinkle some sparkle

Sparkle glass splashback in Silver Glitter

Swapping conventional wall coverings for something more unusual, such as a splashback with a mirror or metallic finish, is another great way to give your space some originality. If you don’t want to add too much colour and would prefer to keep your surfaces relatively plain, then a change of texture might be the way to go. This Silver Sparkle panel offers neutral colour that pairs well with the chrome hardware and grey cabinets. But its glittery finish adds an unexpected design element to the room that looks both smart and playful.

For more information about any of these ideas please contact us – we’d be delighted to hear from you.