Printed & Coloured Glass Splashbacks FAQ

Printed & Coloured Glass Splashbacks FAQ

A. Easy Glass Splashbacks glass splashbacks are priced per square metre. To obtain a price for individual glass splashback panels, please use our Price & Buy calculator. For pricing on jobs with more than one splashback, or for our measure and fit service, Please contact us. Freephone 08000 355614.

A. We offer the quickest turnaround times in the industry for bespoke sized splashbacks as we do everything here on site in Avon. Our turnaround time for bespoke sizes is 7 – 10 Working Days. For the more standard sizes then we can do this even quicker at 5 Working Days. Our Standard Sizes are 600mm x 600mm, 600mmx 750mm, 800mm x 750mm, 900mm x 750mm and 1000mm x 750mm. Please take a look on our Factory Page to order standard sized splashbacks.

A. Absolutely, Our glass has a 10 year warranty that it will not fade, discolor or de-laminate. We also offer a 10 year guarantee on the fit of the glass if you use us to measure and fit your new glass panels.

A. Yes, please contact us to discuss our measure and fit service. Freephone 08000 355614.

A. Free glass samples are available on request and we recommend that you have a sample before ordering your glass panel as colours look different on your computer screens. Please use our contact page to request actual glass samples.

A. We can mix virtually any colour, but there will be a small charge for glass samples of our non-standard colours. To mix a bespoke colour, please send us a sample colour to match. We are also able to mix all Ral, BS, Dulux, Farrow & Ball colours.

Photograph showing glass splashback drill holes for shelving
Photograph showing glass splashback drill holes for shelving
Peony Glass Splashback Cut-outs for Electrical Sockets
Peony Glass Splashback Cut-outs for Electrical Sockets

A. Yes. Easy Glass Splashbacks are specifically intended for kitchen glass splashbacks and glass shower walls, so cut-outs for sockets and holes for shower fittings are not a problem, but must be cut in our workshop prior to toughening. Once toughened, the glass cannot be cut or drilled.


Cut-outs in glass splashbacks for electrical sockets should generally be at least 50mm from the edge of the glass splashback or from each other. If sockets are placed side by side the boxes must be placed so that the socket covers sit tight against one another. The sockets sit on top of the glass splashback. Please ensure your electrician leaves plenty of wire so sockets can be fed through the glass splashback cut-outs.

Standard sizes for sockets:
Single socket 75mm x 75mm
Double socket 135mm x 75mm
Double + single 218mm x 75mm

A. Yes, our glass is always toughened, we do not supply untoughened glass! The glass splashbacks and splashback coating are heat resistant and will not crack behind the hob. Please see our Toughened Glass Splashbacks page for more information.

A. Yes. All Easy Glass Splashbacks glass splashback panels are toughened glass to BS6206.

Photograph showing kitchen fitted with Easy Glass Splashbacks mint white coloured glass splashback and showing t-shape with rounded corners
Photograph showing kitchen fitted with Easy Glass Splashbacks mint white glass splashback and showing t-shape with rounded corners
Photograph showing coloured glass splashback with extractor fan fit to curved glass panel
Photograph showing extractor fan fit to curved glass panel

A. Easy Glass Splashbacks glass splashbacks can be can be curved or shaped to accommodate cooker hoods, and ‘L’ or ‘T’ shapes (i.e., where there is a change in height).

You may fit your extractor fan to the top of a curved or flat glass splashback.

A. Our glass splashbacks are made as standard from 6mm toughened, low iron glass.

A. Fitting a single glass splashback panel is easy, and we would recommend you do this yourself, with the silicone glue that we provide. However, when several glass splashbacks need to be measured to fit together this is much more difficult. Unless you are an extremely competent DIYer, we would recommend that you employ a professional to measure and fit, or take advantage of our fitting service, when more than one glass splashback panel is required. If you are measuring yourself, we suggest you go to the trouble of making glass splashback templates from 8mm MDF. If the MDF templates fit, the glass splashbacks will fit. From our own experience, we know that there are many pitfalls! Please see our Measure & Fit page for further information.

A. The wall needs to be free of bows, twists or raised areas over approximately 2-3mm. Any sharp areas need to be sanded. Unevenness less than that depth can be taken up by the adhesive. All walls must be sealed using either PVA or emulsion paint.

The walls will be obscured by Easy Glass Splashbacks glass splashbacks, so the surface does not need to look pretty.

Wiring must be chased into walls and any light fittings should be fitted, allowing at least 10mm for the thickness of the glass splashbacks.

A. We do not recommend this.

A. All external glass splashback edges are polished and have a 1mm bevel.

A. Yes, Please look on for your perfect image and make a note of the ID number. Then in our Price and Buy page please select the Print option at the bottom of the dropdown box and put the ID number in the ‘Print Name’ box. We will then download and resize the image for you and send you an image proof for your approval.

A. Yes, please contact us to discuss our measure and fit service. Freephone 08000 355614.

A. We would recommend against this. If you install clear glass then you require drilled holes to install the glass instead of the silicone adhesive which creates a more seamless look. Also over time you will see dirt and condensation up the back of the glass, this would be avoided if you were to choose a back painted glass splashback which would be opaque and all sealed in.

A. Unfortunately due to the nature of the product we only send our parcels to addresses within the UK. If you wish to take our glass panels abroad then we will ship to a UK address of your choice, then you can make your own shipping arrangements.

A. Please contact us with your measurements if you require multiple glass panels. We can then combine delivery charges for you. We always reply within a day with an estimate (Monday to Friday).

A. Unfortunately we do not come out to survey a site before the job is booked as it is not economical for us to do – we would be doing about 40 surveys a day!

Please could you contact us with the rough measurements of the pieces of the glass that you require along with the number of sockets, and then we will send you an estimate within 24hours (Monday – Friday)

If this is within your budget and you wish to commit to having the glass, then we ask for a £200 deposit before we will come and take the final measurements, confirm the final price and take a 50% deposit.

We would then fit 8-10 working days later and only when the glass is all in due we ask for the final 50% due.

A.Glass shower walls are a major innovation in bath and shower room design – and they look set to stick around. Seamless, easy to clean, hygienic and fully customisable, glass is the ideal material for a bathroom and will help turn your space into a gleaming spa-like sanctuary.
Our panels are perfect for use as shower walls. 6mm thick, toughened and low iron with an endless choice of colours and images. We can either supply these to you for installation by your builder, or we can measure and install them for you, allowing for cutouts for shower head, controls and rails. We make sure that the glass is all sealed in and with our ten year guarantees you can be sure that your shower will be looking perfect for many years to come.

A.We are able to do basic altering on images. For example if you wanted Grey stripes instead of Aubergine then we can work with you to create the perfect finish for your room.