Printed Glass Splashbacks

Printed Glass Splashbacks

Literally any design is possible with digitally printed glass splashbacks. The quality of the image is so impressive that detailed artwork, high-resolution photography or futuristic effects all look stunning when reproduced behind glass. The high gloss of our panels – made from the clearest glass available – enhances colour and definition to ensure that the picture or illustration you have chosen is displayed at its very best.If you can’t find your dream design in our standard collection of images for printed glass splashbacks, we have access to several online picture libraries that hold millions of options between them – contact us for details and we’ll be delighted to help!


If you wish to purchase a printed splashback then please go to our ‘price and buy’ page and click on the Print option at the bottom of the Colour drop down box, then enter the Caption Name of the print you would like.



Abstract printed glass splashbacks


Printed glass splashbacks of Animals


Printed glass splashbacks of Birds


Black and White Printed glass splashbacks

Black & white

Printed glass splashbacks of Fish


Printed glass splashbacks of Flowers


Printed glass splashbacks of Food and Drink


Printed glass splashbacks of pacman


Printed glass splashbacks of Landscapes


Panoramic Printed glass splashbacks


Retro printed glass splashbacks


Stripe printed glass splashbacks


Textured printed glass splashbacks


Printed glass splashbacks of Typography


Wallpaper designs on Printed glass splashbacks


Printed glass splashbacks of Watercolour designs


Printed glass splashbacks can also be used to create the effect of tiles, wallpaper, stone, wood or brick – a very high-resolution image of these finishes is simply printed onto the back of the panel. The pin-sharp quality we produce results in a highly realistic reproduction of the original that is usually a far more practical and durable choice. Unlike many natural materials, glass will not deteriorate, is very easy to clean, is stain and scratch resistant, and is also impervious to chemicals such as cleaning agents that can ruin the appearance of wood or stone, for instance. And, of course, no grout is required, which means you will never have to scrub mould or dirt away!

Printed panels offer the optimal way to personalise your space – with a family photograph, a favourite view, an original artwork or an image that simply makes you feel calm, happy or uplifted. Stunning holiday destinations, beautiful beaches, cityscapes and countryside scenes are all popular choices, allowing customers to bring an exotic, cosmopolitan or restful feel to their space. Flowers, fish or feathered friends bring in the beauty of the natural world, while many people like to follow a theme, choosing food or drink for the kitchen, or pebbles and shells in the bathroom.

Our collection of abstract and retro patterns really pop against contemporary kitchen units and bathroom suites – we have a huge range available, from modern monochromes to rainbow brights with a disco feel. Ideal for customers who dread generic, conventional design, they produce a unique focal point that ensures that your kitchen or bathroom is completely original.

Kitchen with printed London cityscape glass splashback
Kitchen with printed London cityscape glass splashback
At Easy Glass Splashbacks we are able to offer you the very best quality printed glass splashbacks available in the UK. We can offer you a completely unique glass splashback created using your own photograph or image. The effect of printing images on to the rear of glass is stunning, and has to be seen to be truly appreciated. It is available for kitchen splashbacks and shower wall panels, or even as a decorative wall display. As with our coloured glass, the finished glass panel is opaque, so it can be easily applied to walls using the adhesive we supply, without seeing the adhesive.