Glass pictures: why wave and smoke prints are the ultra-modern splashback choice

Glass pictures: why wave and smoke prints are the ultra-modern splashback choice

Glass splashbacks offer a great opportunity to add an unusual and eye-catching design element to your kitchen –  this is one area where the sky’s the limit and you can choose almost any glass pictures or patterns you like. Our wave and smoke images are popular because of their combination of bright colour and futuristic design, which look great in a modern space. They’re also a bold and original choice, so if you want your kitchen to look stylish and just that little bit different, these digitally printed images are an excellent option.

Smoke and wave prints are used in offices, colleges and retail spaces where it’s important to convey an image of cutting-edge innovation and thought leadership – the movement inherent in wave and smoke images, as well as the ultra-modern nature of the design, suggests a forward-thinking brand that embraces the latest technology and is bursting with original ideas.

Here are a few more reasons for choosing wave or smoke glass splashbacks for your interior…

Printed glass splashbacks vivid pink wave kitchen

Add a dash of colour

If you’ve stuck to neutrals for your kitchen palette and want to add a burst of colour to liven things up, a wave pattern is ideal. A fluid ribbon in a bright hue is playful and eye-catching but won’t spoil the miminalist vibe.

Printed glass splashbacks bespoke abstract wave print kitchen

Make a statement

We can create a pattern that’s as complex and colourful as you wish, and this rainbow-hued design, above, is a theatrical addition to the space. Our clients wanted to be bold and daring so we produced glass pictures that would make a serious design statement in this area of the room. Despite their striking appearance, these splashbacks are as practical and durable as all our glass panels – they won’t fade or crack and are very easy to clean.

Printed glass splashbacks blue smoke print kitchen

Commission artwork for a small space

A small area of wall in between shelves or cabinets offers the perfect opportunity to add some character to your room, and glass pictures are ideal for this purpose as they’re functional and easy to maintain. Keep things subtle and sophisticated with an abstract design such as this blue smoke image – digital printing allows us to size and fit the picture perfectly to your space so it sits exactly where you want it to.

Look to the future

If you’ve chosen a super-modern kitchen, why not go the whole hog and choose a splashback with a sci-fi vibe? We love the pink and purple sweep of colour featured in this splashback, above, as it has delicacy and glamour to soften the space-age feel.

Create drama

A vivid column of coloured smoke on a black background lends serious drama to a neutral or monochrome kitchen. We love the way this customer has used the design above their hob, with the playful suggestion of cooking up something magical for dinner! They have also matched their worktop appliances and accessories to the purple shade, which pulls the room together for a fully finished look.

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