Home design: how to incorporate bright colours into your kitchen

Home design: how to incorporate bright colours into your kitchen

When it comes to home design, people tend to fall into one of two camps: those who prefer serene and calming interiors and those who favour a bright and energetic look. If you’re in the latter tribe you’ll probably be a fan of colour and will enjoy surrounding yourself with vibrant hues and unusual design ideas. However, many homeowners and house builders play it safe, keeping things neutral in order not to deter any less daring buyers. And even those who like vivid hues don’t want their home to end up looking like a nursery school! So, how do you incorporate bright colour into your kitchen while keeping things grown-up and stylish? These are our top tips…

Lime Green glass splashback

Colour block

Splashes of colour can have a dramatic impact in a room, especially if the rest of the space is relatively neutral. Kitchens offer several opportunities to incorporate large areas of a bold shade without having to change the entire space or home design. Painted glass splashbacks, either behind the sink or cooker, or along the length of the wall, provide bright glossy colour that won’t fade over time making them a great investment for a kitchen. You can add even more cheer with vibrant blinds, multi-hued chairs and bright appliances – or consider painting one element of your kitchen, such as the island, in a vivid shade.

Printed glass splashbacks bespoke abstract wave print kitchen
Abstract Wave printed glass

In the mix

To create a seriously cheerful interior, use several bright colours within the same space. Despite the eye-catching impact of vibrant shades, using several together in a room gives a pleasing rainbow effect that’s hard not to love – you could even take it literally by displaying a spectrum of brightly coloured storage containers, bar stools or recipe books. Painted glass splashbacks present a practical way to add more colour to the mix – or why not try a multi-hued printed splashback that incorporates several shades in one hit?

Purple Smoke printed glass

Display away

Many of the items we usually hide in kitchen cupboards and drawers are colourful in themselves. Rather than putting enamel cookware or crockery away, display it on a shelf or on the worktop. Line up your recipe books, pile fruit or veg in colourful bowls, and keep pretty tins or bottles in view. Small appliances and utensils, such as kettles, toasters and knife blocks, are also available in bright colours that could add the perfect amount of vibrancy to your room.

Tangerine glass splashback

Streamlined shapes

To ensure your kitchen looks like a grown-up space (and not like you’re hosting a playgroup!), keep the shape of your cabinets and furniture, and the overall architecture of the room, elegant and sophisticated. Stick to traditional, Shaker or flat shapes for cabinets, choose chic dining furniture, and opt for elegant lighting and sleek hardware for your home design. Made-to-measure glass splashbacks help keep the look streamlined and high-end.

Printed glass splashback turquoise spice pots
Glass printed from a digital photograph

Heart of the home

The kitchen is often the heart of a family home, and can end up as the repository for party invitations, stray toys, fridge magnets, popcorn-makers, artwork and stationery. Embrace the chaos and use some of these items to brighten up your home design scheme – stick drawings to the fridge, hang a noticeboard for invitations and flyers, and keep a collection of pens, paper and glue handy for spontaneous crafting sessions while you cook. You could even have a favourite photo printed as a splashback, to remind you of a holiday or special occasion.

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