How to choose the right neutral for your kitchen

How to choose the right neutral for your kitchen

In theory, choosing the right neutral shade for your kitchen walls sounds simple enough. Surely one shade of cream or beige is much like another? But neutral colours can vary enormously depending on the combination of tones they contain, the depth of the pigment used, their position within a room and the light that falls on them throughout the day. At Easy Glass Splashbacks we have plenty of ideas for kitchens, so read our guide to selecting the right neutral shade for your walls and you’ll be able to choose the right option for your space.



You might think that all whites were equal, but not so! Pure white will look fresh and bright and reflect the most light of any shade (side note: flat white paint can look a little dingy in darker rooms but this is not an issue with glass panels as they catch the light so effectively). It works particularly well in a very modern space, where crisp lines and futuristic finishes are the order of the day. White also looks great against cabinets with cool tones, such as blue and grey. A more traditional space might suit a slightly softer white such as our Bold White option, which has warmer undertones and creates a super elegant finish.



Cream has slightly yellow undertones which give it warmth and prettiness. This is ideal against cabinets that also have warm tones – in this instance, bright white walls could be a little jarring. Cream adds a cosy, soothing feel and can work really well in a rustic or country-style interior. If your cabinets err towards the cooler end of the spectrum, however, you could consider Ivory Satin, which reads slightly more grey.


Beige & taupe

Reflecting the colours of nature, our shades of beige and taupe have brown/grey undertones that suit most interior styles. Neither too cool nor too warm, they work well with other neutrals and with many different ideas for kitchens. They key here is to consider the intensity of colour and the effect you want to achieve. Boldly coloured units look great against a deep neutral shade such as Mink or Putty whereas, for a paler palette, you might prefer a lighter option such as Pebble or Oyster. However, if you want to add more energy and impact to your space, you could consider contrasting a darker shade with light units, or vice versa.


Grey & black

Grey can range from the palest Mist to a very dark Nearly Black and suits most colour schemes. Most of our greys, such as Dove Grey and French Grey, are on the cool side and have blueish undertones which look fresh and crisp against white units, while complementing blue and aqua shades beautifully. If you’re looking for a warmer grey, Linen and Mushroom have slightly pink undertones while Elephant’s Trunk is a deep smoky shade that adds depth and drama to the room. Perhaps the most dramatic neutral of all, however, is Black. It’s perfect for a classic, monochrome scheme and looks great with white, bright or wooden cabinet finishes. However, if true black feels a little too intense, our Charcoal option is a softer alternative.



If you’d like to add a hint of colour to your walls while keeping the overall look calm and serene, a very pale green or blue could be the answer. Our shades of Pale Blue, Dream, Willow and Mint White are so pretty and won’t overpower the rest of the space. Although they provide a splash of colour, they work as neutrals when it comes to pairing with units and other finishes – one of many ideas for kitchens we’ve learnt over the years!

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