How to create glass splashbacks with photos

How to create glass splashbacks with photos

Printing photographic images onto wall panels, glass splashbacks and shower walls is one of the most effective ways of adding character and originality to your kitchen or bathroom. Any high resolution image can be used – from a favourite holiday snap to a professional shot of a city skyline, a stunning close-up of a flower, or a beautiful woodland scene. At Easy Glass Splashbacks, we have a wide range of photographic panels available, or we can use your images to produce bespoke glass splashbacks with photos.

Streamlined style

Many people want to add something personal to their home decor scheme, while still maintaining a sleek and uncluttered look around the house. Framed photos, holiday souvenirs and knick-knacks may add individuality to your property, but all that dusting can be very time-consuming! And, if you favour modern, streamlined style, you’ll want to keep the clutter to a minimum. In fact, “quieting the home” has become a big new trend, with decluttering experts and organisational gurus showing how to turn your space into an airy, peaceful haven that makes life simpler, calmer and less stressful. Many advocates of minimalism swear that, with less stuff to deal with, and more space around you, you’ll be able to focus instead on having fun or pursuing your goals.

Fun yet functional

Made-to-measure glass splashbacks with photos, or printed bathroom wall panels, can bring colour, character and happy memories into the home as part of a room’s overall design; wipe clean and waterproof, they’re also very easy to clean and maintain. As the photo is protected by the glass, it won’t fade or peel either.

Natural selection

We have our own collection of photographic images to choose from. These include nature-based shots such as animals, birds, flowers, landscapes and oceans, which are popular choices for glass splashbacks with photos. From cute koalas to majestic big cats, and owls to ostriches, wildlife images rarely fail to raise a smile! Our floral photography, meanwhile, ranges from pretty lavender fields to arty close-up shots of petals and blossoms with a soft, abstract quality. Among our landscape options, beaches, forests and geographic wonders are a popular reminder of sunny holidays and atmospheric walks. 

If you want to hold back on colour, we have a set of black-and-white options that offer eye-catching images of flowers, vistas and slow-motion captures. These make a striking but understated alternative, and are ideal for monochrome interior design schemes.

Images to inspire

For those who prefer the urban lifestyle, our cityscapes are great for creating glass splashbacks with photos. From iconic landmarks to famous skylines at night, we can bring some of the greatest buildings in the world straight into your home. Or, if you’d prefer to stick to the culinary theme, we have plenty to inspire the household chef, from spices and salads to chillis, coffee beans and chocolate.

Truly personal

However, if nothing on our website is quite what you’re looking for, we also have access to a searchable online gallery of millions of images, which you can browse at your leisure. We can also print your own photographs for a truly one-of-a-kind panel that doubles up as a wonderful reminder of a special holiday, celebration or moment in life.

Contact us

Once you’ve chosen your image, you’ll need to measure your wall space or book in our measure-and-fit service, so we can size, crop and position the image as required. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be very happy to help.