Interior design styles: which is right for you?

Interior design styles: which is right for you?

Country Cottage, Relaxed Traditional, Happy Modern, Old-School Glamour, Warm Industrial, Global Collector, Rustic Bohemian, Scandi Minimalist… There are so many interior design styles, each of them equally on-trend – but which one is right for you? At some point in your life you realise that simply buying stuff that catches your eye, painting walls on a whim and decorating one end of a room with no reference to the other end can result in a somewhat chaotic-looking interior. You long to have a home that looks pulled together, coherent and sophisticated, and you know you need to settle on an overall look for your space. But with so many wonderful options to choose from, how do you work out which one would suit you and your home best? Don’t despair – it’s easier than you think, and a lot of fun too! Here are five suggestions…

If you love florals, why not consider a flower-printed splashback?

Pin, save and collect

Don’t feel you have to rush into a decision – it can take time to discover the looks you really love. Enjoy browsing interiors blogs, online magazines, Instagram and Pinterest for ideas, and pin, save or download pictures as you go. Don’t overthink it – just collect the photos you’re drawn to (tip: if there’s no obvious way to save an image you can always take a screenshot). When you’ve gathered a fair number, go through them and put your absolute favourites in a separate folder. They may seem to span many interior design styles but when you look through them you’ll find all kinds of patterns – perhaps they all have very clear surfaces, or a lot of organic elements, or perhaps a certain colour scheme keeps emerging. Once you’ve spotted those patterns note them down and you’ll be much closer to working out your overall style.

If your wardrobe is full of pale minimal items… this look might also be right for your home

Look at your wardrobe

This might sound a bit bonkers but, while you might not know your interior style, you’ve probably got a good idea of what you like to wear – and this can help you pin down your home tastes, too. If you prefer to wear plain neutral colours in simple shapes, perhaps Scandi Minimalism might be your thing. Bold prints and bright colour? Happy Modern could be the way to go!

A digitally printed underwater scene brings soothing vibes to this kitchen

Consider how you want the space to feel

It’s one thing looking at a beautiful interior, but would you actually enjoy being inside that room? If it’s very formal and tidy you may not be able to imagine relaxing there; if it’s cosy but very cluttered you might find it overwhelming in reality. Think about the way you want to feel when you’re in your home – do you want to be energised, soothed, sociable or creative, for instance? How could your interior promote that feeling? List down a few words that describe the ideal vibe you’d like to create and consider which interior design styles might work. It might help to think about your favourite restaurants, galleries or outside spaces – what do you love about being there? Is it the peace and quiet, the buzz, the colour or the eye-catching visual displays? Which interior styles would best replicate that atmosphere?

Traditional cabinets look great with a modern glass splashback

Mixing styles

Of course, there’s no rule to say that you can’t mix several interior design styles together to come up with your own unique vision. And surprisingly, it’s often apparently opposing styles that work best together. The reason for this is that they won’t be fighting for attention – if you tried to mix full-on looks such as Global Collector with Modern Maximalist, for instance, both could get lost in a riot of colour and pattern. Mix Global Collector with Warm Industrial, however, and the two could complement each other with a pleasing blend of natural materials and unusual textures.

Coloured glass splashback bespoke colour match 62yy78618 kitchen
A wipe-clean splashback in a vibrant colour is a great choice for family life

Fantasy vs reality

It’s important not to limit yourself when you start collecting images and ideas – you’re looking for inspiration rather than practical examples, so feel free to pin those LA mansions and French chateaux to your heart’s content. However, when it comes to working out your personal style, you may want to think about your lifestyle and the way that your house needs to function. You may love a vintage or rustic vibe, but it’s not easy to find genuine vintage pieces on the high street – to pull it off successfully you’ll need to search market stalls, second-hand furniture fairs and salvage yards. This might be your idea of heaven, but if your life is super busy it might not be an option. You may also love the idea of sleek minimalism – but it’s hard to make that work with young children in the picture. Narrow the options down to interior design styles that work with the way you live.

Glass splashbacks for every style

One of the many great things about glass splashbacks and wall coverings is their versatility. Literally any colour, image or pattern can be created to fit in with your interior design scheme – whichever style you go for. Whether you choose a soft pastel shade for a country-style kitchen, a high-shine mirrored panel for a glamorous space, or digitally printed exposed brick for a New York loft vibe, we’ve got you covered. We have a huge range of options in our on-line library but anything is possible – get in contact and we will be very happy to discuss your ideas with you.