Kitchen colour ideas: the best citrus shades for splashbacks

Kitchen colour ideas: the best citrus shades for splashbacks

How do you want to feel at breakfast time? If the answer is happy, energised and ready for a new day then we have some great kitchen colour ideas for you! Zesty shades, such as tangerine, lemon yellow and lime green, look fresh and vibrant and will help get your day off to a great start. The clue is in the names – these citrus hues bring to mind the vitamin-packed goodness of their namesake fruits and the refreshing flavours they contain. They suggest sunny Californian orange groves, Mediterranean lemon farms and healthy days spent out in the sunshine.

But that doesn’t mean these colours can’t be soothing too. It may sound contradictory, but in dimmer light, and especially in the glow of under-cabinet downlighters, citrus shades can read warm and comforting. Lightbulbs that give out a slightly yellow light, as opposed to bright white, make a room feel far cosier and more welcoming. This effect is ramped up when the light is reflected from an orange or yellow glass panel – the colour softens in dimmer conditions and radiates a relaxing mellow glow. If this sounds ideal for your kitchen, here are some options to consider…

Soft orange

Coloured glass splashback colour match to harvest fruits kitchen

This peachy orange splashback was colour-matched to a client’s specifications and we love the shade they chose. Its softness reminds us of dreamy tropical sunsets and the golden evening light of a summer’s day, but it still has plenty of vibrancy. This hue looks great paired with neutral cabinets and its warmth also makes it a great match for natural wooden finishes. Overall it offers an ideal balance between a bright eye-catching shade and something a little more pretty and delicate. 

Acid yellow

Coloured glass splashback bespoke colour match 62yy78618 kitchen

This lemon drop hue is not quite neon – but it’s certainly sunny and bright! Colour matched to paint that has also been applied to the shelving, it’s been used sparingly on a small splashback behind the hob. This creates impact without overwhelming the relatively compact room and also becomes a focal point to draw the eye into the space. Such a vivid colour is probably best used sparingly, but would look fantastic next to neutral units and could also make an unusual but effective complement to dark blue doors.

Lime green

Lime green is a perennial favourite for kitchen colour ideas. It feels clean and wholesome and its echoes of the outside world strike a good balance between contemporary and natural. We love the way it works with both modern and more traditional kitchen designs, as shown by the photos above and top. These two images also demonstrate the way that lime green glass changes in different lighting situations – in the dimmer lighting above it takes on a crisp apple hue, while in brighter conditions the yellow undertones are enhanced, giving it a more zesty appearance.

Honey yellow

Coloured glass splashback bespoke colour match sun dust kitchen 2

This honey shade – colour matched to a shade of our client’s choosing –  is richer and more saturated than lemon yellow. It has warmer undertones and a comforting vibe, particularly when installed on more than one wall – the wraparound effect is very soothing! We love it when used as a contrast to white, pale grey and light wooden cabinets, but its deeper hue means it also works well with darker greys, blues and greens. In brighter light it has a sunny appearance that’s energising and uplifting.


A timeless classic when it comes to kitchen colour ideas, our Tangerine glass is loved by customers for its rich deep orange shade. Highly saturated, it envelops a space in a cosy yet invigorating hue that truly helps the kitchen feel like the heart of the home. We often see Tangerine used with white units but it also looks fantastically dramatic against wooden doors and darker colours. When illuminated by downlighters, it produces a gorgeous glow that has the feel of an old-fashioned log fire.

See our range of standard colour options here. For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.