Kitchen makeover ideas: metallic vs sparkle glass

Kitchen makeover ideas: metallic vs sparkle glass

So, you’re considering a coloured glass splashback but you want to go next-level with your room design – what are the options for kitchen makeover ideas? Commissioning a bespoke shade that you really love, or that matches another element of your room, is one possibility. But you could also add an unusual finish to your panel, such as a Sparkle or Metallic effect. These take colours to a new dimension, creating wall coverings with a shimmering texture that will transform your space with extra radiance and light.

Silver glitter glass splashbacks kitchen 3
Silver Glitter

Twinkle twinkle…

But what are the differences between the two, and which one should you go for? As a guide, these are the main characteristics to consider. Our Sparkle finish contains a glitter and resin mixture which is sprayed onto the glass before the colour is applied, producing an intense sparkly texture that has brightness and brilliance. It’s a glamorous option that has a tendency to steal the show, and can really lift a kitchen to a new level of fabulousness. You can even take these kitchen makeover ideas a step further with a Rainbow Sparkle finish, where the glitter twinkles in multi-colours when it catches the light.

Silver metallic glass splashback 2
Silver Metallic

Shining stars

Our Metallic splashbacks are created slightly differently. A metallic shimmer is stirred into the paint prior to application, and the mixture is sprayed onto the glass as one layer. This gives the panel a visual depth and a soft gleam that is elegant and attractive – adding extra shine but with a more lustrous, luminous finish.

Sparkle coloured glass splashback ice kitchen
Blue Glitter

Jewel purpose

Sparkle and Metallic effects can be added to any paint colour, including bespoke shades. But we also have a standard range of popular options that might make it easier to choose between these kitchen makeover ideas. Sparkle finishes look particularly good in jewel colours, and our Red, Green and Purple Glitter choices bring ruby, emerald and amethyst tones to mind. For a moodier vibe, Blackberry Glitter and Black Rainbow Sparkle are dark and dramatic, while White Rainbow Sparkle and Silver Glitter offer neutral options with a jazzy edge.

Opti 203 pale blue metallic glass splashback credit Annetta Nagle
Blue Metallic

Get the blues

Blues and greys make great choices for Metallic glass, as the shimmery finish softens these sober, sophisticated shades. We also have a Gold Metallic option which adds a warm yet elegant gleam to the room and works beautifully with brass hardware. For something a little more colourful, our Raspberry, Pale Green and Pale Violet Metallic shades are vibrant yet soft and subtle.

Raspberry Shimmer

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If you’d like to know more about our Sparkle or Metallic ranges, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’d be very happy to discuss your kitchen makeover ideas and answer any queries you might have.