New kitchen ideas: using jewel tones in the kitchen

New kitchen ideas: using jewel tones in the kitchen

One of the best features of glass splashbacks is the glossy finish they provide. This adds a wonderful shine and a sense of highly polished finesse, and immediately makes a room feel more glamorous and upmarket. One of the best new kitchen ideas that takes advantage of this is the choice of a jewel coloured glass panel that really ramps up that sense of richness and depth.

Jewel tones – such as ruby, emerald, amethyst and sapphire – work with most styles of kitchen and are very much on trend. Glass panels in these deeper colours are a wonderful complement to traditional cupboards and worktops, adding a modern element in an elegant shade that won’t detract from the overall style of the space. But they can also serve as a sophisticated counterpoint to a room that’s more contemporary and playful, grounding an ultra-modern interior scheme with moody blues and greens, for example, or adding a little shine to a minimalist matt design.

Often on the lookout for new kitchen ideas, many of our customers pair jewel tones with white units. This produces an eye-catching visual contrast and a creates an unusual colour scheme to play around with – buying accessories and textiles to match can produce an elegant final result that looks fresh and original.

Warming up

Shades such as ruby (top) and citrine (above) sit at the brighter end of the jewel spectrum but still have a depth and intensity that marks them out from zestier hues such as lemon yellow or tomato red. Their saturated colour is rich and sumptuous and a glass splashback in one of these shades will produce a gorgeous gemstone glow. These deep reds and yellows create a warming vibe that feels especially cosy on darker evenings as the gleam created by downlighters and pendant lamps really brings them to life.

Emerald city

Green is a classic shade for kitchens, and choosing a splashback in a bold emerald hue is a great way to bring a contemporary and sophisticated feel to your room while still maintaining a sense of timelessness. As the colour of nature, green fits into just about any palette, while the high-shine gloss of the glass adds an edge of glamour and elegance to any style of room. Despite its versatility, emerald green packs a real punch and is one of many new kitchen ideas that certainly won’t go unnoticed.

Berry good

Dark pinks and purples tread the fine line between cosy and moody and can often be a great compromise if you can’t decide between cooler and warmer colours. Echoing deep berry shades such as blackberry and boysenberry, they have a subtle drama that won’t overpower your room but will still make a style statement. Although purple is quite a traditional shade for interiors, it’s more unusual in kitchens and will ensure that your space stands out without going too avant garde. Amethyst shades also work extremely well with greys, blues, white and wood, and should therefore suit most styles of kitchen.

Into the blue

For the ultimate in deep moody tones, an inky blue or very dark green will add a theatrical edge to your space without bringing in too much colour. Shades such as sapphire are ideal for monochrome kitchens that require a slight visual lift, or design schemes where a dark colour is required but black might feel a little too heavy. Their cool tones are a great complement to white units and also work well with natural wood – or why not try some daring new kitchen ideas and pair them with dark blue or green cupboards to create a truly dramatic space?

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We have several jewel tones to choose from, such as Orient Red, Blackcurrant and Forest, or we can create your ideal shade as a bespoke option (such as those above) – please contact us and we’ll be very happy to help.