Room decor ideas: Adding visual depth to a minimalist kitchen

Room decor ideas: Adding visual depth to a minimalist kitchen

Minimalist kitchens with plain handleless units look set to become a future classic in room decor ideas. Homeowners love the sleek appearance they create, and fans of the Modern Design style appreciate the straight lines and flush surfaces that draw the eye to the overall architecture of the room, rather than its little details. Furthermore, flat-fronted cabinets are very easy to clean as there is nowhere for dirt to collect and they can be wiped down in an instant.

Printed glass splashbacks blue smoke print kitchen
Blue Smoke printed glass

Into the deep

But there’s a danger that this style of kitchen can look a little, well, flat. If every surface is smooth and detail-free, the room can take on a lifeless appearance that actually makes it feel smaller and more cramped. This problem is exacerbated if the surfaces are matt rather than glossy – matt cabinets, wood, tiles and brick, for instance – as they absorb light rather than reflect it around the space. The answer is to add polished or printed materials to the mix, especially those that are slightly reflective, as they will create visual depth and really open up the room.

A digitally printed glass splashback featuring a city skyline

Take the long view

One visual trick to achieve this result is to install a printed glass splashback featuring a long range shot. Your gaze is automatically drawn into the far distance of the image, so you’re not focusing on the surfaces in your immediate eye line. Landscapes, cityscapes and seascapes that feature a distant horizon are all great room decor ideas for accomplishing this effect.

Another idea is to use a design that creates a 3D effect, like the blue smoke image above. This could literally be an optical illusion – a graphic pattern that tricks the eye into seeing a 3D shape – or it could be a photographic image that produces a sense of depth. Our blurry striped glass (top) gives the appearance of movement and a third dimension beyond the surface.

Bronze Mirror

Mirror manoeuvre

Of course the easiest way to add optical range to a room is too use mirrored splashbacks. The reflections these produce create multiple visual layers, especially if you use them on more than one wall. Using a tinted mirror, such as our Bronze or Grey options, ensures that, rather than seeing a perfect reflection of the room, you see a slightly darker version. This is one of our room decor ideas that adds yet more interest to the space and looks super elegant.

Antiqued Metallic glass in Bronze Smoke

Subtle reflection

If you’re looking for a reflective surface that has an even more understated effect, a patterned panel could be the answer. Our Antiqued Metallic glass offers subtle reflection but it’s the decorative markings – from the light wisps of Grey Smoke to the dense patina of Bronze Storm – that take centre stage. These options still have depth, but the surface details are equally eye-catching.

Metallic glass in Violet Grey

Shimmer and shine

If you’d prefer to stick to solid colour but still want to avoid the flat matt look, our Metallic or Sparkle ranges would be ideal. Metallic shades have a shimmery finish with an extra visual dimension – the gleam produced when light shines on the panels creates a beautiful lustre that really draws your gaze into the glass. Alternatively, our Sparkle range is the best choice for maximum shine that encourages you to look towards the brightest points – a complete contrast to matt materials and plain units, this glittery finish will add life, movement and plenty of pizzazz to your room.

Sparkle Glass in Silver Glitter

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