Super speedy estimates

Super speedy estimates

We aim to provide estimates within 24 hours of receiving a request (Monday to Friday); if you would like an estimate from us please fill in our online form.

How it works

To produce a quote for you, we require measurements for the length and width of the glass panel or panels that you need. ‘T’ shaped panels are cut from one piece of glass so please provide the length and width of the ‘T’ at their longest points – we only require those two measurements.

Your estimate will be more accurate if you can let us know how many socket cut-outs, notches or drilled holes (eg., for wall-mounted rails or racks) you require – these carry an extra cost so it’s best if we can factor them in at this stage.

It’s also very helpful if you can give us an idea of the design you have in mind – but we can provide a range of estimates for a variety of colour, effects and finishes if necessary.

Instant estimates are also available – You can use our price calculator on each of the product pages.  Simply insert the dimensions required and receive an instant quote – if you’re happy to proceed with the order you can choose to do so at this point, so your glass panel will be with you in super-quick time.