Small bathroom ideas: making the most of your space

Small bathroom ideas: making the most of your space

It’s rare to find a generously sized bathroom these days – in fact only the grandest houses seem to have them! Most buyers prefer larger bedrooms, a greater number of bedrooms or extra storage, leaving bathrooms as the losers in terms of square footage. Luckily, there are lots of ways to ensure your space still looks great and functions in a practical and convenient way, so you can enjoy your bathing time without feeling cramped or confined. Here are our small bathroom ideas…

Don’t mix too many colours and patterns

In a small bathroom, achieving a balance between cosy and airy can be tricky. You don’t want your space to feel dark and gloomy – especially if there’s no window – yet you also want to feel warm and relaxed when you’re enjoying a soak or step out of the shower. The key is to choose wall coverings that keep things light and bright yet still cocoon you in a cosy glow. Glass panels are perfect for this – their glossy finish reflects light around the space so it will never feel dreary or oppressive, while the continuous span of colour or pattern creates an enveloping effect that’s calming and comforting. Glass can be used to cover any wall space, however awkward, so you can use it wall to wall and cut down on the number of different colours and patterns in the room. This stops things looking too busy and chaotic – a real danger when it comes to small bathrooms.

oyster coloured glass shower panels

Make use of awkward corners

There’s no problem if your bathroom is an irregular or awkward shape – there are many companies that make bathroom suites that are smaller than standard and can fit into difficult corners. There are also many design options and small bathroom ideas you can choose to work around the dimensions of your room – showers can be fitted under sloping ceilings, for instance, and baths can be inset into made-to-measure surrounds. Glass panels and splashbacks are great for protecting your walls in these situations as they are made to order to the exact shape and measurements required. We also produce mirrored panels – both tinted and antiqued – that can be made to fit any wall space, however unusual.

forest printed glass shower panels

Use curved shapes

Sometimes, cutting corners can be a good thing! Swapping right angles for curves can reduce the amount of space taken up by a shower or bath – it may only be a small change but it can make all the difference. Corner baths are particularly useful in square bathrooms where a regular rectangular bath won’t fit along the wall. Be aware, though, that corner baths tend to be wider than standard rectangular baths. While this means they don’t always save you floor space it does mean you’ll still be able to enjoy a comfortable and indulgent bathing experience.

Have fun with splashbacks

The best approach when it comes to small bathroom ideas is to keep things simple – but that doesn’t mean you can’t inject some personality into the space and have fun with your design. Splashbacks, whether behind the sink, alongside the bath or used as shower walls, offer a great opportunity to add colour, pattern, artwork or even text to your interior scheme. Our panels can be made in any colour or can be printed with any kind of design, photograph, illustration, message or image. We also produce glass with metallic, sparkle or antiqued finishes which could look incredible with your bathroom suite.

printed glass bathroom worktop with an orchid flower

Add details in unusual places

If you’re really pushed for space and are limited to the absolute basics, consider where you might still be able to add character and unusual design features. Recessed shelving is great for storage or for displaying decorative items, while wall lights offer an opportunity to inject some drama into the room. Also think beyond the basic white suite – there are many small bathroom ideas and unusual designs you could use, such as colourful sinks, stone-effect shower trays and even jazzy floor tiles. In this bathroom, our client chose to use a digitally printed glass worktop under the sink, creating unique design in a compact space.

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