Small kitchen ideas: the best splashbacks for compact kitchens

Small kitchen ideas: the best splashbacks for compact kitchens

When considering small kitchen ideas, it usually pays to think of the room as a single cohesive space rather than choosing each element individually. Without the zones that a larger space facilitates – cooking, washing up, dining, relaxing – we tend to take in the whole room in one glance, so it’s important that everything feels harmonious. For this reason it’s important that all the materials work together, including the splashback. However, there are several different approaches you could take, depending on your preferred interior style and the space itself. Here are our suggestions…

“Silver Mirror”

Mirror image

Mirrored glass is a contemporary option for kitchen splashbacks and one that works brilliantly in small spaces. Of course, mirrored glass is known to make a room look much larger by doubling its visual depth. It also reflects light around the space, making it seem brighter and more open. Furthermore, our bespoke mirrored panels have the benefit of being cut to fit your wall space precisely, and the streamlined result helps to keep kitchens looking neater and more open.

Glass splashback in “White”

All white

Common wisdom for small kitchen ideas suggests that compact rooms should be painted white so they feel more light and airy. But the truth is that if the room doesn’t have much natural light in the first place it could end up looking darker and more dingy. This is because if there’s not much light streaming in white walls end up looking flat and grey. However, white glass splashbacks avoid that issue because they are naturally reflective. Even if the amount of light entering the room is relatively small, the glass panels will bounce it around the space and really brighten things up. And in a room that does get a good amount of sunshine white panels really come into their own, adding a fresh open feel to even the smallest space.

Antiqued Metallic glass in “Bronze Smoke”

Cosy club

However, that’s not to say that darker colours are a bad idea! Rather than trying to make your kitchen feel more expansive, consider going the other way and embracing a cosy vibe. Darker splashbacks, in moody greys and greens, or deep jewel tones, will have a cocooning effect in a small room. It’s the interiors equivalent of a hug and can feel very soothing after a long day at work!

Coloured glass splashback musk kitchen 3
Glass splashback in “Musk”

Go with the flow

It’s really important to consider the optical flow of your space when considering small kitchen ideas. In other words, take care not to visually chop up the room or your eye will be darting around all over the place, which can feel chaotic and stressful. Instead, install streamlined cabinets with integrated appliances if possible, keep worktops and flooring tonal so they blend in, and take your splashback around two or ideally three of the walls to maintain a visual continuation that’s soothing to the eye.

Horizontal Soft Stripe glass in “Forest Green”

Making a point

Another approach for a small room is to have one obvious focal point so your eye is drawn straight to it. For instance, this could take the form of a striking splashback behind the hob – one of several small kitchen ideas that our customers love. Making a visual statement in this way allows you to be really daring and original with your design – a personal photograph, special artwork, gorgeous view or an eye-catching pattern could be digitally printed onto your glass panel to create something totally unique.

Silver glitter glass splashbacks kitchen 3
Glass splashback in “Silver Glitter”

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Finally, adding extra shine to your splashback is another way to brighten and lighten your room, while also creating a joyful vibe that will lift your spirits every day. All our shades can be ordered with an additional metallic sheen or sparkle finish which will help to increase the volume of light in your kitchen and prevent the space from feeling flat and dull. For more information about any of these ideas please contact us – we’d be delighted to hear from you.