Striped glass splashbacks: abstract designs for wall art prints

Striped glass splashbacks: abstract designs for wall art prints

Customers often come to us looking for glass splashbacks that offer something beyond flat colour. They might not want a photographic image or a bold graphic pattern, and often they’d prefer to stick to a single shade, but they do want to shake things up a bit and find wall art prints or designs for their kitchen or bathroom that are slightly unusual. Our single-colour Printed Stripe glass offers an excellent solution – striking and original, it’s also soft, pretty, and easy on the eye.

With lines in varying shades of the same hue, which fade in and out across each panel, single-colour Printed Stripe glass has an abstract painterly feel. Slightly blurry and with differing levels of shade intensity, it creates movement and visual depth across the otherwise flat surface of a wall. This adds life and colour to a room – especially one with relatively plain and simple units or a basic bathroom suite – without necessarily taking the design in a whole new direction. Essentially, it’s colour with an extra boost of energy and verve.

If this sounds ideal for your kitchen or bathroom, here are a few options to consider…

Printed glass splashbacks purple multi soft stripe

Colour conundrums

To play it safe, tones of grey or brown are ideal for kitchen settings as they blend well with natural surfaces such as wood worktops and slate flooring. The unusual finish of digitally printed glass adds a modern edge, however, which keeps things up-to-date and creates a contrast between the various textures in the room. This ensures that the overall design of the space looks fresh and interesting. Meanwhile blues and greens work well in both kitchens and bathrooms. The blurry appearance of the soft stripe print creates a watery aquatic feel, but the contemporary vibe and glossy finish push things in a more sophisticated direction. Finally, to really shake things up, consider wall art prints in a red, orange or hot pink shade. With warm colours such as these, the blurry effect creates a wonderful glow that’s highly appealing and very bold and original.

This way up

Most of our customers choose to install their stripes vertically, but there’s no reason not to go horizontal! Along a long section of wall vertical stripes can create an illusion of greater height, but on a smaller panel, such as this one, horizontal stripes bring a sense of balance to the many vertical lines in the room. If an impression of increased height is still required, positioning the print with the lightest area near the top and the darkest area nearer the bottom can help to draw the eye upwards.

Printed glass splashback blue multi soft stripe

The size of it

Small glass panels used as splashbacks behind a hob or sink can be used to create a fabulous focal point, and Printed Stripe glass offers a striking but stylish option for this. The tonal shades are soft and relatively subtle, but the impression of movement and energy created by the blurry pattern still make a striking design statement. However, soft stripe glass also works well across the length of one or more walls, as the classic striped pattern of these wall art prints is familiar enough to echo more recognisable and traditional interior styles.

Bright ideas

We can make single-colour Printed Stripe splashbacks in a variety of shades and levels of brightness – the degree of colour intensity depends on your preferences. Darker more muted shades will be less dramatic, with distinct stripes that retain a classic feel and bring modern elegance to a space. More vivid shades tend to have a greater level of brilliance – the strands of colour melt into each other to create a glowing ombre effect that looks cutting edge and futuristic.

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For kitchen or bathroom wall coverings that do double duty as abstract wall art prints, have enough familiarity to work in a classic interior, but also create a highly contemporary design feature, our single-colour Printed Stripe panels are ideal. For further information, please contact us and we’ll be very happy to help.