How to incorporate pattern into your kitchen or bathroom

How to incorporate pattern into your kitchen or bathroom

Bringing pattern into your kitchen or bathroom is a great way to add character and originality, especially if you’d rather stick to conventional design for major elements such as cabinets and worktops. If you feel your interior needs a bit of pizzazz but don’t want to make dramatic changes, or if you’re renovating but want the overall look to be simple and classic, decorative motifs and wall prints can create visual interest without overpowering the room. Here are our tips and ideas for personalising your space with pattern…

Keep your colour palette consistent

To keep your overall look coherent, the most important design step to take is to stick to the same colour palette throughout. You can get away with mixing different styles and textures if you use the same two or three colours, or various tones of the same shade, for all your design choices. Any pattern, from a tile print to a retro floral, could work as long as its colours don’t jar with the rest of the space.

Printed glass splashbacks bespoke abstract wave print kitchen

Print any pattern onto a glass splashback

For a hit of pattern in one area of the room, try a statement wall. This can be achieved in a kitchen or bathroom using a digitally printed glass splashback or wall panel which can be decorated with literally any pattern you like. From softly blurred stripes to painted abstracts, from animal prints to delicate wallpaper-style designs, all kinds of wall prints are possible. We have a range of brightly coloured options available in our print library, but we also offer understated nature-inspired designs such as Cobweb Glass and Antiqued Metallic patterns.

Go graphic but neutral

If you don’t want to introduce too much colour into your space, a graphic pattern in neutral shades such as black, taupe, grey or beige, can work really well. We can produce tile printed glass panels featuring tessellated designs such as chevron, honeycomb or scallop shapes; retro motifs in monochrome shades; or bold checks, stripes or circular patterns – literally anything you like! The bold shape of these designs creates a striking effect without the need for bright colour.

Printed glass splashbacks flower wallpaper print kitchen

Try monochrome motifs

Black and white patterns are striking and sophisticated, and great for traditional interiors. A monochrome tile printed pattern, a graphic design of black and white squares or diamonds, or a more contemporary floral or abstract print, would look great as a splashback. Using digitally printed glass gives you full control over your chosen wall prints, allowing you to adjust the size of the pattern to create the right proportions and a perfect fit for your space.

Use patterned fabrics and accessories

Bringing decorative blinds, cushions, tablecloths or towels into your interior is an easy way to use pattern with minimal commitment. Against a plain or neutral backdrop, you can change the feel of the space very quickly using traditional, contemporary or retro prints, or by using different textures and colours. Accessories such as storage jars, vases or plant pots decorated with eye-catching patterns could also be used to add instant character. In this case you’re free to play it safe with plain materials, such as coloured glass splashbacks, that don’t have the inherent busyness of tiles or flecked worktops.

Use small panels to create a big impact

You don’t need to use pattern over a large area to create a striking effect. In smaller rooms, a modestly sized hit of pattern or colour will really stand out. In the bathroom above, a candy-striped panel of glass was used behind the sink as a practical splashback option that also provided the opportunity for a fun design element. Against the all-white suite, it really stands out despite its smaller size.

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