Watercolour splashbacks: bringing wall prints into the kitchen and bathroom

Watercolour splashbacks: bringing wall prints into the kitchen and bathroom

The thousands of interiors blogs and Instagram accounts that have appeared over the past few years are great for inspiration but, as trends catch on more quickly than ever, there’s a danger that homes can end up looking look clichéd and predictable. It’s not surprising, then, that more and more homeowners are looking for stylish ways to add original design elements to their properties, such as bespoke furniture or limited edition wall prints, to ensure they stand out from the crowd and feel personal and unique.

Watercolour Big Ben

Choices, choices…

Glass splashbacks offer many ways to add character to a room – any colour can be produced, there are a wealth of special effect finishes available, and any image can be printed onto a glass panel. Just as wall prints can change the look and feel of a room in an instant, so a glass art panel can add individuality to your kitchen or bathroom.

Watercolour Poppy

Softly does it

One option to consider is a splashback printed with a beautiful watercolour artwork. This modern twist on a classic decorative element means you keep one foot in the traditional camp, while bringing the idea right up to date. Watercolours are popular for their soft, blurry and slightly translucent appearance, which offers a gentler and more relaxing way to enjoy art in your home.

Watercolour Fresh Salad

Blurred vision

We have a range of watercolour options to choose from, including an original take on the cityscape, scenes from nature, and abstract designs. The New York, London and Paris skylines rise up over a vibrant landscape of brightly hued daubs of colour; a sunny wildflower meadow is rendered in a beautifully blurred form that borders on the abstract; colourful birds fly and swoop into a loosely arranged formation; while a finely detailed image of Big Ben emerges from its smudgy watercolour surroundings.

Watercolour Summer Scene

Pretty and practical

There are several advantages of glass splashbacks over standard wall prints. They are made to measure, so will fit your wall space perfectly. They are also very practical – kitchens and bathrooms are not always the best places for art, but glass is waterproof, heat-resistant and easy to wipe clean. They will look as good as new for many years, as the digital image will not fade or peel. And as an integrated element of your bathroom or kitchen renovation they form a part of the overall design, making your room scheme highly original and unique.

Watercolour Pink Splash

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